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Home Leaves


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Text and illustrations:  Stephen Hogtun

Language: Bulgarian

Binding: hardcover with dust jacket

Pages: 32 / Col

Year of issue: 2021

Translation: Ina Dimitrova

Format: 26x25 cm

ISBN: 978-619-193-225-2

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"I will always be with you.
Each time the wind blows,
in your leaves is where you'll find me . . ."

When a wise old tree takes a tiny sapling into his care, they both learn what it means to make memories and put down roots. He keeps her sheltered from storms and shaded from the scorching sun, and supported by his love, she grows and grows.

There are so many things to see and to learn: how to appreciate the beauty of the world; how to be strong against the wind, but flexible enough to bend. Together, they make memories they'll hold on to forever.

But when the old tree's leaves begin to fall, it's time for the sapling to grow up and take her own place in the world - and to learn how to hold on to the memories that mean so much.

Filled with beautiful, luminous artwork, this beautiful picture book is a story for everyone - both young and old.


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