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Author:  Valentino Notari

Year of publication :  2021
Pages : 314 / BW
Format :  14.5 x 21 cm
Binding:  paperback
Translation :  Krum Georgiev, Ina Kiryakova
Language :  Bulgarian
Cover:  Ina Dimitrova
ISBN :  978-619-193-237-5

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Alice is a teenager like many others. She is insecure, shy, and an all too easy target for her classmates’ bullying. She always perceived herself as “different” from the other kids her age, so she grew up feeling constantly isolated and alone. Then one day, almost by chance, she discovers the glittering and kaleidoscopic universe of cosplaying. It gives her access to a world full of colors, and people with whom to share her passions, hardships, and memorable moments. A place full of possibilities. She feels like she is living a dream: she has finally found somewhere where she can express herself without the fear of being judged. She finally has the chance to make some real friends. And even find love. Soon, however, Alice discovers that this world, this apparently tight-knit and peaceful community, also conceals envy and malevolence. She is devastated. Just when she is about to leave it all behind, she meets Fede; she is just a little bit older and shares her same passion, and she convinces her that now is not the time to give up, on the contrary…
A highly original coming of age story that not only deals with themes important to teenagers (from bullying to LGBTIQA+ topics), it also allows us to sneak a peek behind the scenes of a world that is as fascinating as it is mysterious, which only insiders know in its entirety.

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