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Orconomics (The Dark Profit Saga #1)

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Author:  J. Zachary Pike
Book One of the Dark Profits Saga

Year of publication :  2021
Pages :  500 / BW
Format :  14.5 x 21 cm
Binding:  paperback
Translation :  Ivelina Mincheva-Bobadova
Language :  Bulgarian
Cover:  Georgi Meramdzhiev
ISBN :  978-619-193-241-2

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Orconomics (The Dark Profit Saga #1)
Orconomics (The Dark Profit Saga #1)Orconomics (The Dark Profit Saga #1)

Brimming with swords, sorcery, and wit, Orconomics: A Satire introduces Arth, a world much like our own but with more magic and fewer vowels. For the licensed wizards and warriors of Arth, slaying and looting the forces of evil is just a job. The Heroes' Guild has turned adventuring into a career, selling the rights to monsters’ hoards of treasure as investment opportunities. Corporations spend immense sums sponsoring heroes to undertake quests, betting they’ll reap the profits in plunder funds when the loot is divvied up.

Questing was all business for famous Dwarven berserker Gorm Ingerson, until a botched expedition wiped out his party, disgraced his name, and reduced him to a thieving vagabond. Twenty years later, a chance encounter sees Gorm forcibly recruited by a priest of a mad goddess to undertake a quest that has a reputation for getting heroes killed. But there’s more to Gorm’s new job than an insane prophecy; powerful corporations and governments have shown an unusual interest in the job. Gorm might be able to turn a bad deal into a golden opportunity and win back the fame and fortune he lost so long ago.

Promising fun, fantasy, and financial calamity, Orconomics: A Satire is the first book in The Dark Profit Saga, an economically epic trilogy.

Lichi-sin_Prelisti [PDF, 610.32 KB]


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