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ATTENTION! Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website. If you use this website, you are deemed to accept and agree to these terms. If you DO NOT ACCEPT these terms, do not use this website!

These TERMS govern the relationship between the STUDIO OF A Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as on the one hand and the Users of electronic (Internet) pages and services located on the domain (called for short Site), as well as the relations with the same, when they use the information and trade services offered by the STUDIO OF A LTD. (called for short Services).

These conditions are binding on all users. By clicking on any object, link or button located on the pages of (except for the link to these General Terms) the User agrees, fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these General Terms.

STUDIO NA A LTD. is a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered office and contact address: Sofia, 4 Chervena Stena Str .; Id. Bulstat number: 205810214; VAT Number: BG205810214.

1. Terms of use of the Site of

The User understands and accepts the fact that the information services and the Site are provided "in the form in which they are and that does not assume any responsibility for the timeliness, deletion and inability to deliver information about completed orders to the User, his or other Users reviews and ratings of products, information about unavailable products, as well as damages, lost profits and other damages that occurred after, as a result of or due to use (or inability to use due to technical problems, prevention, solutions In the event that as a result of the use of this Site or materials from it leads to damage that requires repair or repair of equipment or information, the User assumes all responsibility and all costs associated with with the elimination of the caused damages.

To use the Site, the User must access the World Wide Web directly or through other devices that have access to Web-based content. In addition, the User must provide all necessary equipment for access to the World Wide Web, including a computer, modem or other means of access to the Internet. only provides the information on the Site and is not responsible for any interference or technical problems that prevent the use of the Site due to the operation of computer equipment by the user.

2. Obligations of the user upon registration

Given the use of the Site of, the User agrees:

 (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about himself when completing the registration form (hereinafter referred to as Personal Data);

 b) to make changes in these Personal Data, if necessary, in view of their accuracy, precision, timeliness and completeness.

In the event that the User provides false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, has the right to close and / or delete the information about his postal address and deny him further access to part or all of its services.

In order to ensure the security and protection of the privacy of its Users, informs parents that the materials and services are provided to the widest audience and that determining the appropriate services and materials for use by their children is their responsibility. .

3. Protection of personal data. Confidential policy of

For a description of the "Privacy Policy" used, see Website Privacy Policy, available at:

4. Access, username and password, security

The user receives the desired username (in case it is not used by an already registered user) and a password for access to all services of, after completing the registration process.

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the received username and password. By using them, he declares that he personally and on his own behalf is fully responsible for all activities, access to which is carried out with his username and password.

The user agrees to notify immediately of any unauthorized use of his username and password and or of any other breach of security.

In case of loss (forgetting) of the password and an explicit request by the User, will automatically send an e-mail message containing the registered username and password to the e-mail address provided by the user during the registration process. shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred due to non-compliance with the provisions of this section.

5. Consumer behavior

Users of the Site understand that the information, data, published opinions, text, software, music, sound, photos or any other materials (hereinafter referred to as "Content"), which become public or are transmitted confidentially, are the sole responsibility of the person who generates this Content.

The User using the Site is solely responsible for the Content published or transmitted in any other way provided by the Site. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, accuracy or nature of the Content sent and distributed through the Site.

By using the Site, the User may encounter Content that is offensive, obscene or unacceptable. Under no circumstances will be liable for any Content created by Users, including errors and omissions in it and / or for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of The content displayed, published, sent or otherwise transmitted through the Site.

The User agrees NOT to use the Site to:

a) formulates, sends or otherwise transmits Content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, disturbing, injurious, discrediting, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, violating the confidentiality of another or unacceptable from a racial, ethnic or other reasons;

b) creates advertising content of goods and services outside the Site, as well as to publish Internet addresses pointing to pages and services outside the Site, except where this is explicitly stated as permitted.

c) causes harm to children in any way;

d) impersonates a person or a group of people, including, but not limited to: a representative of, a representative of a manufacturer, etc., as well as otherwise misleads about belonging to a group of people or an individual;

e) falsify headers or otherwise manipulate the means of identification in order to obscure the origin of Content transmitted through the Site;

f) to formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit Content that is not authorized by law or as a result of other contractual or confidential relationships (such as inside information, confidential information or information about someone's property received as a result of rental relations, or which is the subject of non-disclosure agreements);

g) to formulate, transmit, publish or otherwise transmit Content that infringes any patent, commercial, copyright or other right of ownership ("Rights") of any party;

(h) formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit unauthorized advertising material, junk mail, spam, 'chain letters', redirected by alias subdomains, 'pyramid schemes' or other forms of customer acquisition;

(i) formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit material containing computer viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, disrupt or restrict the operation of computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment;

j) to disrupt the normal operation of other users of the Site, including if not using it, to affect in any other way that adversely affects the ability of other users to participate in real-time exchange;

k) interfere with the provision of the Services on the Site or disrupt the operation of servers or networks related to the Services, fail to comply with the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of the networks related to the Site;

(l) intentionally or unintentionally violate local, national or international law;

m) to harass or otherwise disturb another User;

n) to collect and misuse personal information about other users. reserves the right to restrict and / or deny access to the Site to users who once or systematically violate the requirements listed in point 5. reserves the right to edit and remove information provided by the user in violation of the requirements listed in point 5 above.

6. Copyright and related restrictions entitles Users to use all services provided on the Site only for personal non-commercial purposes, provided that the copyrights of or third parties directly or indirectly related to the materials of the Site. The materials on this Site are not permitted to be altered in any way, nor to be copied, publicly distributed or distributed for any public or commercial purpose. The use of the materials published on this Internet Site on other sites is prohibited.

The materials on this Site are protected by copyright and related rights and any unauthorized use may be a violation of copyright, trademark rights or other legal provisions. reserves the right to assign the rights to publish materials and any parts of the information on the Site to third parties in an additional contract governing the rights and obligations in writing between and the person publishing the information .

When purchasing a product subject to copyright and / or patent rights, does not grant any additional rights for use and distribution, except for the explicitly mentioned rights and / or licenses from the manufacturer / distributor of the product.

The available Software, which is available through published links from this Site, is protected by copyright and is the property of the respective manufacturers and / or their distributors and partners. Before using the software, read the terms of use set by its owners.

By publishing information on the Site, the user declares that he is the holder of copyright and grants free of charge the right to to distribute it on the pages of the site, as well as in other materials related to the STUDIO OF A Ltd.

All goods and services offered by, protected by copyright and related rights, are offered in their original form, packaging and media without any influence by and according to the licenses and rights to distribution provided by their producers and / or distributors for Bulgaria.

7. Links from and to

The owners of sites and pages outside have the right to create links to any HTML page of under the following conditions:

(a) the link may point to the given page, but not copy the content of it, it is allowed to copy text material from the page to which the link points, with a length of no more than 10 words;

b) must not open the page from in frames and supplement or change the information on the page in any way. Including the addition of information before, after and / or around the page of is prohibited;

c) must not state explicitly or implicitly that recommends it and / or its products;

d) must not provide false or misleading information about the products and / or services of;

By creating a link to, the owner of the site declares that he accepts these general terms and conditions, even if he does not use the services of;

Owners of sites and pages outside are not allowed to create links to images, multimedia samples, etc. content, but only to the HTML pages providing that content.

The links provided on the Site of to sites owned by third parties are published solely for the convenience of users. When using such a link, users do not use a service provided by and after using the link, these General Terms and Conditions expire. does not control these sites and assumes no responsibility for any of them and / or their content. Thus, in no way imposes or recommends these sites to users, nor the information published in them. Visiting and all risks associated with it on such a site is entirely the responsibility of the user.

8. Presented goods and services on the Site

The page of each product presented on the Site lists the price, the main characteristics of the product and additional information aimed at helping to make an informed choice when purchasing the product. is not responsible for inaccuracies in the description of the product not related to its main characteristics and does not claim the completeness of the information provided. Also, on each page of the presented product there is an opportunity for Users of the Site to give opinions and assessments concerning the given product. is not bound in any way by these opinions and assessments and cannot be held responsible for their authenticity. reserves the right to publish names, models and other information about goods in English when:

(a) There is a risk that the translation may lose valuable information about the characteristics of the product;

b) There is no generally accepted unambiguous terminology in Bulgarian;

(c) The product itself is a medium of information in English, such as books, music and films in English;

All prices listed on the site are in BGN with VAT included. In case the product has several modifications, the prices for each of the modifications are indicated on its page.

The delivery of each product from the Site in BGN 3 with VAT for the whole country, regardless of the number of goods and the specific destination.

9. Purchase of goods and / or services presented in

After registering on the Site, the User has the right to order goods and services presented by When placing the order, the User has the right to choose the goods and their quantity, method and terms of delivery according to the options offered on the Site.

At any time before the completion of the Order, the user has the right to change the selected goods and services.

When placing an order on the Site, the user enters into a contractual relationship with, concerning the specific purchase and covered by these General Terms, the order is considered made:

a) for users shopping for the first time - upon confirmation of the order by following the instructions on the Site;

b) for consumers shopping more than once - when placing an order; has the right to change prices at its discretion, at any time, without prior notice to users. The user is obliged to pay the price that was indicated on the site at the time of placing the order, regardless of whether it is lower or higher than the current one. In case of technical errors in the publication of the site, has the right to refuse the execution of the order and does not owe compensation in any way to the User, except to refund the amounts paid and / or deposited by the user, if any.

The message for reduced prices is by placing the new price next to the old one which is crossed out. If no term of the reduced price is indicated, this price shall be valid until the quantities are exhausted, but not more than 1 month or 6 months, when it is under conditions under Art. 66 para. 2 of the CPA.

10. Delivery of purchased goods

The delivery of the ordered goods is made in the way chosen by the User and according to the specified terms. reserves the right to extend the specified terms by up to 7 days without informing the User in advance, and to extend the terms over 7 days with the prior approval of the User. reserves the right to change the subcontractor performing the delivery without prior notice to the User, as long as this does not change the method of delivery.

11. Methods of payment:

The procedure and manner for issuing fiscal cash receipts and for establishing a remote connection with the NRA are determined by Ordinance № H-18 of the Ministry of Finance of 13.12.2006 for registration and reporting of sales in retail outlets through fiscal devices.

Ordinance № Н-18/2006 states that each person is obliged to register and report the sales of goods or services made by him in or from a commercial site by issuing a fiscal receipt, except when the payment is made by postal money order, made through a licensed postal operator for making postal money orders within the meaning of the Postal Services Act.

Irrespective of the documentation with a primary accounting document, a fiscal receipt must be issued for each sale to the persons, ie. for each payment, except where payment is made by postal money order.


The employee of the courier company, who delivered or delivered your shipment to the office, is obliged to issue you a bill of lading or a receipt, which has the official validity of a receipt.

Please keep this document, which has the force of a receipt and certifies the payment made by you both to us and to the courier company.

For orders with an invoice, the document issued by the courier company is attached to the invoice.

The check whether the courier is a licensed postal operator for making postal money orders within the meaning of the PSA can be done in the public register kept according to the PSA by the Communications Regulation Commission, which is published on the website of the same.

For reference:

Art. 3, para. 1; Art. 25, para. 1 of Ordinance № Н-18/2006.

Art. 25, para 3, item 4; Art. 113, para 3; Art. 118; Art. 119 of the VAT Act

Art. 112 of the VAT Act

Art. 3. (1) (suppl. - SG, iss. 49 in 2010, in force from 29.06.2010, amended - SG, iss. 48 in 2011, in force from 24.06.2011, supplemented - SG, issue 102 of 2012, in force from 21.12.2012, amended - SG, issue 40 of 2013, in force from 30.04.2013) Each person is obliged to register and reports its sales of goods or services in or from a commercial site by issuing a fiscal cash receipt from the FI or a cash receipt from IASUTD, except when the payment is made by depositing cash in a payment account, credit transfer, direct debit or available money transfer made through a payment service provider within the meaning of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act, or through a postal money order made through a licensed postal operator for making postal money orders within the meaning of the Postal Services Act.


The price under Art. 10 and the delivery costs can be paid in any of the following ways

1. By cash on delivery from the Client or from a third party on behalf of the same;

2. By credit card MASTERCARD or VISA;

4. In another way indicated on the Internet pages of ARTLINE-STORE.NET.

A customer who is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act is obliged to pay the sale price of the goods purchased by him, as well as postage or transport costs not included in this price related to its delivery, no later than 3 working days from the expiration of the term under art. 14, para. 4. of the CPA.

12. Conditions for using VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards for payments through the virtual terminal

12.1. Order cancellation and refund policy

In accordance with the Bulgarian legislation (art. 50 of the CPA), the customer may within 14 days of receipt to cancel an order, and ARTLINE-STORE.NET undertakes to return the amount received. The amount paid is transferred to the customer's account within 14 days after receipt of the goods at the address of, by courier or by mail. When paid with a Visa / Mastercard bank card, the amount will be refunded to the card from which the payment was made. Returned goods are accepted only if they are in a suitable commercial form. The term for returning the goods is not more than 14 days from the date of refusal of the order. If you refuse to order books, they should be in a preserved commercial form. The costs of returning the purchased goods are at the expense of the customer.

You can cancel by writing to us at, calling by phone or through another unambiguous application. The shipment with which the order is returned must contain: indication of the order number, all documents that accompanied the shipment, upon receipt, three names, bank and bank account, if you want to refund the amount to a bank account.

13. Dispute resolution

All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and good will. In the event that no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes arising out of or relating to the contract between the parties, including disputes arising out of or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes to fill in gaps in the contract or its adaptation to new circumstances will be allowed in court by the competent court.

Questions and online dispute resolution: Link to the Official Website of the European Union

14. Use of IP addresses, cookies and other technical data

In order to improve the quality of the website, we monitor which sections of the website are visited and how long these visits last. This monitoring is done by registering the IP addresses of users' computers, as well as by using cookies. The registration of the IP address is part of the system administration and does not imply direct identification of the visitor. The site monitoring system monitors other system parameters such as operating system, browser type, monitor resolution, etc., which do not represent personal data, cannot be used to identify users and are used for statistical purposes. Phrases entered by users in search forms are also observed by us, but in a generalized form, not allowing them to be associated with specific users.

Cookies are small text files that the web server stores on your device to account for the traffic you generate on the website. Cookies are used by the site's online ordering system, as well as its other functions. Each time you add an edition to your order, the information about it is stored on your device. Cookies are updated every time you visit our website. They cannot be used for identification - they only recognize that you have visited the website in the past and thus help to improve the user experience. Each site can only access cookies stored by it. Cookies do not contain personal data, but may contain information that you have entered. We cannot use cookies to access data stored on your device's memory. As part of the service we provide to our advertising partners, they also use cookies. Cookies are also used by the Google Analytics traffic analysis system, as well as by the social network plugins installed on our site.

You may set your browser to not accept cookies. You can also reject our cookies, but in this case there is a risk that certain functions in some sections of the site will not be active, such as ordering editions. Until you change your browser settings, cookies will be saved / updated each time you log in to our site and by using it you agree to this.

15. Others has the right to change the technology and design of the provided Services without prior notice. reserves the right to send its users messages related to new services or changes in the terms and conditions of use of current services.

Given the international nature of the Internet and that is connected to this network, does not guarantee that the flow of information to and from will not be monitored and recorded by third parties, except in the cases in which SSL (encrypted connection) is used, in which the connection is protected according to the international SSL certificate.

These terms and conditions may be updated at any time without special notice to Users. is not responsible if the User has not read the latest version of these terms.

When using the services of, the user undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions, as well as all other conditions set by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and international law, even if they are not mentioned in these terms.

Last updated: 07/13/2021